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When you purchase a Hub Membership from Studio To Screens, you automatically get a 14 day free trial, so your card WILL NOT be charged until your trial period has expired. We know you're going to love our online content & community pages, but remember you can also cancel at ANY TIME.


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Duration: Until canceledFree trial: 14 days

Total today£0.00
After the free trial, you will be charged £12.99 monthly until canceled.
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Once purchased, this plan is non refundable, but can be cancelled at anytime by logging in to your Studio To Screens Account. All of our tutorials have been designed with your personal safety in mind. Please ensure you have done a warm up before you begin the class and that you are in a safe space to move in. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the classes. We will not be liable for any injury undertaken during these classes. If you are sharing these tutorials with students, we ask that you ensure suitable health and safety measures are in place and inform you that Studio to Screens will not be liable for any injuries caused.

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